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The Lower World is an animated sitcom centered around a trio of roommates aspiring to utilize the capitalist system to pull themselves out of economic hardship. JIF has a new job as a Regional Grim Reaper Agent, Mudd is locked in at Path-Tech, and Jay is on a journey of introspective discovery; searching and not settling.

The moment an individual must choose between their own survival and the virtues they have claimed to uphold, they will choose themself. While it is widely accepted that survival trumps morality, I don’t feel that the acknowledgement of this observation accurately accounts for the complexity of the modern world. Morality versus survivability is called into question in everyday life when we make a conscious decision to partake in activities, that we would rather avoid, for the generation of monetary resources. It may be a bit morbid, pessimistic, and nihilistic, but I feel as though we are all biding our time on this planet as slaves to a laborious system which perpetuates a culture that would see us sacrifice our time, morals, and values for companies and corporations that would replace us within a week if we died today.

This work is designed  to express commentary on the workplace culture of the United States through an irreverent and facetious lens.

The Lower World Project: About
The Lower World Project: Selected Work
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